What Is the Difference Between a Nanny and a Babysitter?

In order to choose a child carer, it is important to make the distinction between the duties of a nanny and a babysitter. Regardless of the role, each of the child carers are responsible for supervising children and maintaining their health and safety.

Babysitters Normally Work for a Few Hours in the Home Environment

Usually, babysitters care for children of any age who need supervision for several hours. Most babysitters work on specific occasions or follow regular schedules. Therefore, some babysitters work late at night, on the weekends, or after school. Their primary responsibilities include overseeing a child’s activities in the home, playing with him or her, and, in some instances, putting him or her to bed.

Paediatric Basic Life Support Skills

Many babysitters have received training in basic emergency skills such as first aid or paediatric basic life support. Babysitters who have this training also know how to recognise the signs of choking. According to the Resuscitation Council, the majority of choking occurrences happen during play or whilst a child is eating. In most cases, the carer is present and an intervention can be facilitated.

Where to Find a Babysitter

Choking is normally characterised by a sudden onset of respiratory distress associated with gagging, coughing, or stridor. In order to prevent an incident, a babysitter will stop play that involves the use of small objects. So, if you want to find a babysitter who possesses paediatric basic life support training, it is best to use an online service that provides childcare services in your area.

Paediatric life support courses and newborn life support training are both offered by the Resuscitation Council, including recertification courses. If these kinds of endorsements are important to you, then it is important to check with the babysitting service about these qualifications. When interviewing a babysitter, make sure that he or she clearly understands the expectations of the assignment before he or she begins work. Make sure you understand the qualifications of the carer as well.

The Responsibilities of a Nanny

Nannies, as indicated, are also used to care for children. However, unlike a babysitter, a nanny fully invests his or her time in a child’s development and overall well-being. Usually, a nanny cares for children during the day when the parents are working. The nanny’s job entails creating schedules and engaging children in activities that cover their emotional and physical growth. Many nannies are tasked with meal preparation or assisting with the housework as well. They may also be required to drive children to and from school or extracurricular activities.

How to Make a Decision for Childcare Services

Normally, babysitters are not required to drive children to school or pick them up. When you requisition the services of a babysitter, his or her main responsibility is to watch and supervise children in the home environment. So, if you wish to secure the services of a babysitter or nanny, you need to determine the amount of time that your child requires care and the specific responsibilities you want the carer to perform.

Babysitting services also offer babysitting or childminding in hotel settings so if you travel with your children, this is another aspect of caring for your child that you will want to keep in mind.

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