The Importance of Push Walkers

Over the last hundred years, there have been many new discoveries about the way children develop and grow. By offering your child something with which they can build a stronger body, you could see them take their first steps with more confidence. Parents across the continent want to see their children grow up healthy and strong, and one way to do this is to introduce outdoor equipment and a simple toy called a push walker. These are little more than toys with wheels and handles, allowing your children to hold onto something while they move at their own pace from one corner of the room to another. However, the benefits of that simple action are numerous, and many parents are amazed at the results they see after purchasing one.


A baby push walker available at Little Smiles, as well as installing the best outdoor playsets at Little Smiles, can work together with your child to increase his or her strength. These structures and toys do not do the work for your child. Instead, he or she must put their own strength into the motion of walking across the floor or climbing onto a new platform. No matter what you want for your child, this can only help them achieve developmental goals quicker and safer. Playing outdoors can completely change the outlook of your child’s future, helping them handle what may come with confidence.


Push walkers often come equipped with a number of lights, toys, and sound-making attachments designed to keep them entertained. Children love to see contrasting lights and can play with a walker for long periods of time without losing interest. Some models even allow you to take the toy portion off to be played with on the floor.

In addition to being entertaining, the toys included on the pusher encourage a child only just starting to push off the ground to lift up and reach out. Place the walker just out of reach to give your little one a good reason to start moving forward. If you have a child who is capable of crawling but unsure about it, or if they are just starting to reach that stage, a pusher can be a great tool to help give them confidence. Once your child’s belly is routinely off the ground during crawling, the pusher can become a tool to give your child confidence moving around the room.

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