Finding the Best Summer Day Camps for Your Kids

Every year as summer begins to roll around, you can bet that many parents hit the panic button trying to find the best solution to the fact their kids are on vacation while they are still at work. There was a time when you could simply give the kids a key to let themselves in at home. Latchkey kids, as they were known at the time, were simply considered part of the landscape if both your parents worked. Of course, today that is not considered a proper solution, so parents need to find good qualified places their kids can hang out for the day in the summer.

Some day camps are amazing with well thought out programs that both entertain and educate all day long. To get an idea of a typical well run camp, check out these fun activities for kids at a local day camp in California. We know that not all day camps work this hard to give the kids a great experience, but they do exist if you know where to find them. Here are a few tips to help you track down that great summer experience for your kids this year.

What Does Your Kid Love?

While you may have fond memories of Camp Winnimaka and all those great canoe trips, your kid isn’t you and this isn’t the same era. Today there are summer day camps that center on everything from science projects and scouting to art camps for budding creative geniuses. So, talk with your kid and find out what they would really love to explore in more detail this summer. This is a great time to help them define their passion that will guide them to the best possible career later in life.

Day Camp vs Summer Camp

Not all kids are thrilled with the idea of spending a week or two locked up with a bunch of strangers. Come to think of it, when you describe summer camp that way none of us would ever want to go. But kids are varied about dealing with this type of experience, so judge based on your child whether that cool overnight camping trip is really what they want. They could be quite happy with a day camp in your home town that focuses on something they love and might even have a few of their friends going along with them.

Specialized Camps with Non-profits

Local community organizations often put on camps that run in the summer. There might even be one run by the local church group or family support organization in your area. These kinds of camps are usually day camps that are a real bargain and locally supported. Check out the local YMCA as well as they often organize day camps that are much cheaper than the usual commercial camps and are worth checking out.

Extra Fees and Hidden Costs

While the daily or weekly costs are what you will see up front when researching day camps, know that many of them have extra fees that may not appear until after the event. However, if you bring this up when interviewing the various day camps, they will usually let you know what to expect. If you find one that your child loves and you cannot afford it, talk about scholarships with them. Many camps have programs in place to help less advantaged families get the help they need so their kids can also attend summer camps. It never hurts to ask.

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